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Many of you may haven’t use a surveillance camera app before. But if you have babies or elders at home but you need to go to work at day, you may find security camera for home is really userful for you to take a remote care of your families. AtHome Camera is such a surveillance camera app let people monitor their camera by using an app in mobile with internet connection.

This app provides a possibility for people to monitor their babies,elderly, pets and almost everything they want to take care of when leaving home. Using this app, you only needs two old phones, one of which used as a camera at home and another used as a video straming device(or we can call it the monitor).


A large amount of features in AtHome camera is for free and they can almost satisfy all your demand for daily home monitoring. Features supported includes remote monitoreing anywhere,alarm recodring,email and notifications, two way talk, move your monitor camera left/right or up/down, clound storage, split-screen video streaming.

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To use this app, you only need to download the AtHome Video Streamer App on both 2 phones and set up one as your surveillance camera at home,putting it in the place you want to see the view. Another phone should be taken by you and set to be the video streamer to monitor place you expected. You will be asked to assigned a connection ID the first time you login the streamer and set up your own info. Then you will get the guidance of how to download the camera app in another phone.

When viewing the views catched by the monitor camera, you are allowed to watch up to 4 different cameras on your screen, which is useful when you need to monitor a whole house. As mentioned above, this app supports the features of talking to people at the side of the monitor camera. This features will be particularly helpful when you are try to monitor a babay or an elderly.


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Design and Interface

AtHome Camera is designed with an apperance using comfortable red(almost like pink actually) as its background. Its layout is simplistic and with a few options in it be chosen, which make it easy to use and you won’t need to find bottoms everywhere that support the features you want to use. In conclusion, the appearance of this app is quite modern and pleasure to use.

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What Still Needs to Be Improve?

I think the powerful features in this app is quite perfect now. For those who want t o set up security cameras for home, it’s now definitely a good choice. The only thing people may concen may be at least 2 phones are needed to use this app. But it seems unavoidable, right?

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